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    Choreographer Popova analyzed the new programs of Valieva, Trusova, Kondratyuk and other stars of the Russian national team

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    — What are your impressions from test skates?

    — Our team is in very good condition. Skating is not a tournament, and they don’t expect 100% readiness there. You just need to show the program, its idea, hear comments from specialists and show everything at the competitions in a month.

    — I remember Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and Valery Angelopol.

    — Yes, Kaganovskaya and Angelopol performed wonderful performances. Their free dance is amazing! So many interesting finds, elements and creative solutions. And they look great – a very beautiful duet. They cannot be remembered. In the free program, they were the best for me for sure.

    I can’t say about the rhythm dance that it directly won me over. Still, the essence of this dance is to perform movements in rhythm, to reflect the tempo of the music. Not everyone made it. In particular, the pressure had an effect, because half of the duets performed in such a composition for the first time in public.

    In general, I expected more from dancing. It’s great that there are people like Valera and Vasilisa; Ira Khavronina and Dario Chirizano also performed well. It can be seen that the programs are still a little crude, but the guys are interesting – lively, mobile – and their ideas are good.

    But still sad when yesterday’s juniors set the tone. I’m not saying that the dance left a directly negative impression. Impressions are wonderful. It’s just that dancing is about rolling, about experience.

    I wish we had at least two confident leaders who everyone would follow. And if everyone is guided by yesterday’s juniors, then this is a little strange. vivid impression.

    — How would you rate the free dance of Elizaveta Khudaiberdiyeva and Yegor Bazin? They included elements of vogue in it.

    — I saw this program in pieces even before the rentals themselves. And when I watched this particular part of the wog – when the guys performed it separately from the whole program, on a fresh, not yet tired background – it looked great. Their vogue is spectacular and bright.

    But at the skates – at the end of the free dance – there was no such “wow” effect, and it turned out a little crumpled. Now, while the program has not yet been rolled out and the athletes simply do not have enough physics, it looked rather weak. But there is still a month to roll out the program – and then there will be a wow-wow. The idea itself is wonderful!

    Although using vogue in ice dancing is not a novelty, to be honest. We have a lot of people who used both waking and vogue. And in free dances, and in rhythmic.

    – Let’s talk about the new short program of Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin to the song Dana Sokolova and Scrooge “Indigo”, which you put on. Denis said that the choice of the song was quite risky and that experts might not appreciate this program. However, the reviews have been quite positive. Including Tatyana Tarasova praised this program live on the First Channel.

    — Yes, the audience very warmly received this program. We were very worried about this, in fact, because we tried to make this program specifically for the viewer. In our country, in our wonderful Russian language, a song played. Although there are usually a lot of foreign performers, it is generally not customary to take Russian music in figure skating. But we need to slowly introduce it, and when, if not now?

    Specialists also reacted quite well to this choice. Of course, we had quite a lot of technical mistakes, because the program is still raw and not well developed. So basically there were complaints about the stuffing of the program, and not about its concept.

    We were told: “The program as a whole is good, but it needs to be rolled in.” Which is the truth (laughs).

    – Dasha and Denis said that they would globally change the technical part in the short program .

    — Yes, because the guys had a little hard time getting into the season.

    This is the time to set up the program, to roll it in. Now we have shown a raw layout of what should be. And we have a month before the competition to work it all out, clean it up and make it look like a full-fledged program.

    – It already looked very cool. The starting pose looked especially spectacular, where the guys stood in the shape of a cross, and Dasha was also upside down. The kids have been learning it for a long time. We even tried to perform it without hands at all – so that the guys kept their hands at their sides. We looked at how it would look more effective. And we thought, why not make it the first pose in this program?

    — Did you stage this program together with Denis?

    — Yes, he was looking for chips, we put it all together, tried to arrange it correctly according to the music. But now the program will undergo many changes again (laughs). Maybe something new will appear there.

    — How did you react when Denis suggested this song for the short program?

    — I am always for experiments. I am always for what an athlete offers, because I know: if he offers something, it means that he wants it, and that means he will try to do it. If a skater is directly on fire with his idea, you understand: even if you don’t If you don’t like this music or you think that the audience might not like it, but the athlete himself feels it and understands how to implement it, then, of course, we take it.

    And Dasha agreed with great enthusiasm on this. Maybe not to offend Denis (laughs). But she, in my opinion, immediately said “yes”, and we very quickly agreed that this was a good version of music.

    — The guys performed movements from hip- hops that were out of the ordinary and looked pretty fresh.

    — Well, really, now is the season when you want to develop and try something new.

    When we are released to international competitions, maybe these developments can already be taken to major tournaments, like our Russian music. Why not?

    — Dasha and Denis have dark enough costumes for this program. Alina Zagitova even asked after the performance if this was a training option. What do you think, is it worth changing something in the costumes?

    — Last season, the dancers showed hip-hop in a rhythmic dance, and there were also a lot of girls in black pants.

    — What couples sports programs would you like to mention?

    — I liked the new short program of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, as well as their incredible readiness now. This is the level of skiing skill when it doesn’t matter what part of the season and what time of the year. The guys showed the highest class, despite the fact that they spent half a summer in the show.

    There are also wonderful guys Anastasia Mukhortova and Dmitry Evgeniev – very interesting, very bright. They just left the juniors, but in the free program they made a splash: they gave out a very clean skate with strong emotions. The guys are incredibly danceable and stable.

    I generally love couples more than dancing, to be honest with you (laughs). For me, the couples look more bright now.

    Karina Akopova and Nikita Rakhmanin also looked great on the ice – stylish, beautiful. Yes, these were not ideal skates yet – they can skate cleanly, but so far only the beginning of the season.

    Alexey Bryukhanov and Yulia Artemyeva were at junior skates a month ago, and now they performed at adults – and not completely lost. The couples are generally very pleased. It is a pleasure to watch them.

    — In the performances of women, a huge stir was caused by the new programs of Kamila Valieva. Including because in both productions there was a reference to the doping scandal at the Olympics. In the short program there was an interesting trick with a Morse code – Camila depicted the word “faith”, which she lacked at the Games, as she herself explained. How would you rate this feature and the program itself as a whole?

    — For some reason, I immediately remembered the program of Zhenya Medvedeva, where she communicated in the language of the dumb – with gestures. For some reason, it was the reference to her program that came to mind.

    In the free program, I read a lot of feedback that it is not clear how to evaluate it, and it is not clear how to perceive it. Viewers’ opinions were divided into two opposing camps. I haven’t formed my opinion yet.

    Test runs are one thing, and competitions are quite another.

    On the one hand, Camila relived this, one might say, tragedy, although this is a very terrible word. In general, Camila again experienced this difficult moment.

    Or will she be able to work through and let go of the problem with the help of this program? Don’t know. In ethical terms, this is a difficult question.

    But I think that the coaching staff consulted with Camila, and they made this joint decision. But if anything, it will not be a problem to return to some old program, if it will be very difficult for Camila to skate this production.

    — It is believed that Camila’s programs are similar to each other – especially the new short one. “Storm”, “In Memoriam”, “Interstellar” – it’s like one program for the third season. Don’t you see a problem in this?

    — I think that there is no direct problem in this. Camila is good at this, and very strong. In these movements, in lyrics, in tenderness, she looks organically, it really suits her, and on the ice it looks beautiful.

    Maybe she I didn’t want to experiment, but I just wanted to stay in melancholic sadness. To skate a fun and dynamic program, you need to have a certain inner content, a certain mood.

    I do not exclude that Camila, in the light of all events, may find it difficult to switch to other images. Every time she enters a competition, she will involuntarily remember everything, and now it would be difficult for her to show some funny programs.

    – Alexandra Trusova performed in a short program under blues “I Put A Spell On You”. How would you rate her new image?

    — The image is wonderful! Sasha has grown very much – she has become very feminine both in everyday life and on ice. She’s such a girly girl. And this music really suits her.

    So far, it is clear that the program has not yet been completely rolled in, because these were only test skates, but the image undoubtedly suits her. Sasha feels very good about it.

    — Liza Tuktamysheva too the audience was very remembered for her programs.

    — Lizka is a stronghold of stability for women’s figure skating in Russia (laughs). This is the whale on which everything rests (laughs).

    Lisa is already gorgeously ready for the season, despite the blots on the triple axels. These are just rentals. We saw that not even all the boys skated with full content, and not all the girls.

    And Lisa came out with her trixels. She has wonderful, beautiful programs.

    — Lisa’s new short program many did not accept after the test skates in St. Petersburg, but now, on the contrary, they are actively alyat.

    – And it is clear that she has already begun to roll the short program. It can be seen that the production is already in progress, and Lisa began to feel it better.

    In addition, her physical shape is so chic – outwardly, during the warm-up, she did not stand out among the girls (laughs). Lizka has lost weight, and she has an incredible shape. She is a real athlete-sportswoman.

    – In the short program, Tuktamysheva performed an amazing triple axel, although Alexei Mishin warned that she would lightweight content.

    — This, apparently, was lightweight content (laughs).

    — Let’s talk now about the programs of men. “Tango in a Madhouse” by Mikhail Kolyada was very memorable – it seems that this will be his new masterpiece. impression, because there was no pure performance of the elements, unfortunately. And there were two boys who drew attention to themselves.

    Misha’s program is really good, it suits him, but I want to see it in a clean performance. Misha is an athlete from whom you expect an ideal. Because Misha is Misha, an athlete of the highest level.

    And his costume seemed a little strange to me. The shirt seemed to be too big, and Misha’s movements were lost in it. The costume hid his personal plasticity, and I missed it.

    Among men, for me, Dima Aliyev became the undoubted king of the free program. This is the most vivid impression, a bold point at the end of the rentals. Speaking last, Dima collected an almost flawless skate – with all the quads, with excellent soft skating, with incredible exits, with plasticity, just a very beautiful skate …

    And, of course, Zhenya Semenenko became a real rock star. He set the stadium on the ears with almost every movement. It is clear that he skated the easiest content – no quads – but the way he presented his program, how he interacted with the audience right on the elements, on spins, on the tracks, how he laid himself out everywhere, how he feels this music (absolutely not typical for figure skating) – it was just incredible!

    The audience’s reaction cannot be faked. When the whole arena stood up, screaming and making noise, even I had to stand up and clap while standing. The two boys I got up on were just Semenenko and Aliev. It was impossible not to stand on them.

    – Semenenko really lit under k-pop. And he was very remembered for his choreography, which was different from everyone else.

    – Zhenya, of course, is very danceable in itself. Very plastic, very soft, very bright, charismatic. A personality has emerged onto the ice. A star is on the ice! It’s not just some good program. It’s just a whole image – an athlete, a program, everything together … It was a bright performance. And it was great.

    —Considering how modest he is…

    —In ordinary life, yes. It is clear that the free program did not work out, but can you say something about his new images for this season?

    — It’s great that Mark had such vivid images last Olympic season. And this season I wanted at least one program to be of the same level of brightness.

    We used to see him so loose, a little eccentric – such an artist! Just an artist. An artist, a creator – he was all like that.

    And now he has become more calm, lyrical, and, probably, I’m used to seeing Mark differently. I like his drive, his energy more. And this was what I lacked in the new programs.

    And when such a calm program, when it is clear that Mark is holding himself back, and even the jumps do not work out, then the impression remains crumpled.

    By the way, Sasha Samarin was good in the free program. He also left a good impression.

    — The performances of the men as a whole were very varied and interesting.

    – Yes, you can watch men – it’s very interesting what’s going on there. Although not everyone. Some of the boys could clearly see how they ride on two legs and just rest between quadruples in the free program (laughs). It can be seen that at the beginning of the season the program is still difficult for the boys. But nothing, it’s all being worked out.


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