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    Five teachers told how the school administration interferes (or not) in their work and personal life

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    Evgeny, computer science teacher, Moscow Region

    where you live ”

    – In principle, everything that is allowed or not allowed to the teacher largely depends on the educational institution. But let’s look at some common places. The appearance of the teacher, in my opinion, is rather a story not about permission, but about honesty.

    In many schools, students are asked to observe business style during their studies (in full-time schools they require it to be observed in the morning ), respectively, the appearance of the teacher should not contradict these requirements.

    If we talk about social networks, then in general there are two lines of behavior – either you publish what your darling wants, you can even show how you drink too much in your free time, but all this should happen at the “close” for several reasons. First, for some of the children you can be an example. Secondly, such content is an additional reason for dissatisfied parents to complain about you. Thirdly, there is some content on the Internet that should remain only for friends.

    about computer science (which I teach), or I complain (all teachers like to whine, this is a fact).

    Thanks to the Internet, now children know that teachers are real people, and in addition Because they teach lessons and go to the toilet, teachers have some kind of life outside of school. Hobbies in general are not condemned by either parents or children, unless, of course, this hobby has no age limits. Otherwise, you should take care that this does not come as a surprise to the administration.

    The influence of the administration on the teacher is determined somewhere in the area of ​​the interview and production meetings. After them, it becomes clear what is possible and what is not.

    It is more difficult with parents. The main thing to remember is that all people are different, and someone perceives everything adequately, and someone may have complaints about the fact that you have hair on your head, or that you wear an olympic shirt with stripes. And write to the Department of Education about it. The influence of parents can be reduced by the administration, especially if you clearly designate personal space.

    Dinara, English teacher, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

    “I try to adhere to the school charter, not without exceptions”

    — I think that a teacher should set an example for children, but not everyone does it. So, in our school, a music teacher walks as she pleases: in leather leggings, sneakers, with red lips. Everyone is already used to it – so they do not pay attention. The administration doesn’t say anything either, although it doesn’t exactly approve.

    I don’t consider such behavior forbidden – I have acquaintances with tattoos, with nose piercings, someone wears dreadlocks – after all, this is a personal matter of the teacher. I do not understand how this affects the work.

    As for me, I do not allow myself this. I like to look beautiful and dignified, I keep business style – because I like to be an example for children. And I often hear “you are so beautiful” or “you look so good”, “you have a cool manicure”, “well-groomed hair” and other compliments.

    Vladimir, chemistry teacher, Volgograd

    “I don’t discuss religion and politics with children”

    — The administration has never set clear prohibitions on what is possible and what is not. I try not to discuss politics and religion with my children. I don’t get into these topics, at least because my subject of the scientific and technical cycle does not come into contact with them in any way.
    As for appearance, there are no strict requirements at my school. Colleagues dress casually. Some wear bright hairstyles. I also had acid-colored hair last year – no comments were received from the authorities.

    The same is true with the appearance of the teachers.

    I communicate with children both at school and in social networks – without frivolity, but in a friendly way. Again, there were no complaints.

    My colleagues and I try to adhere to the regulatory framework. If you are a drinker, then, of course, this should not be done at the workplace, because it is prohibited by the rules. There are statutes, local acts of the organization – they may contain different requirements for teachers, but this should not contradict 273 of the Federal Law “On Education”. If the administration and parents have unfounded claims, then you can always appeal to the law.

    Elena, teacher of Russian and literature, Moscow

    “Teacher’s personal life should be hidden from children”

    — We have strict rules regarding appearance and teacher behavior set by the administration. Loose style clothing is not allowed, only suits. The demand is fair, because even children wear uniforms. No bright hair and nails. Manicure only beige classic. Even drawings on nails are prohibited.

    We have a colleague who always wears only jackets – she never opens her arms. And somehow we found out why. She became ill, she was sitting in the teacher’s room, a nurse got up from the medical room to measure her pressure. To do this, a colleague had to take off his jacket. When she did this, we were surprised to learn that she had a tattoo on her entire right arm. She was embarrassed and asked not to tell anyone. The director knows, but asks to hide it, since this is not welcome here.

    In addition to appearance, we need to monitor social networks. God forbid to put something superfluous there. There was a time when a teacher posted a picture of him holding a bottle of alcohol. For this he was fired. Well, how they fired … they pressed him, and he left on his own. You can not upload photos where you are in a swimsuit or half-naked. Need to be tracked uh what are you writing. The personal life of a teacher should be hidden from children.
    Often teachers create several accounts on social networks: one for themselves, where they post everything they want, the second is public, where everything is decent.

    There is a stereotype that a teacher is a role model and everyone expects you to always be the right one. The administration is pushing to keep it that way. But we will always have our little secrets, we are people. In the meantime, teachers are trying to meet the standards set by the director. Especially the Moscow ones, who earn a lot and hold on to their jobs. At the same time, I cannot say that the employer is holding on to their staff. In Moscow, they will quickly find a replacement for you.

    I will not come to school with an earring in my nose or in jeans, I will not get a tattoo in a conspicuous place – otherwise, what will I expect from children … If I go in a suit , then the children will be treated with respect and strictness. And they will comply: not to walk around with bare navels and not to behave like savages. We understand the expediency of the requirements of the administration. And we try to stick to them.

    Olga, afterschool teacher, Moscow

    “The ideal teacher should not have weird hobbies like pole dancing”

    — I have been working in the teaching field for five years. Of these, a year at school, then a couple of years as a tutor for elementary school children. Now I work as an educator for schoolchildren in a private educational complex. We have many requirements for teachers. Starting with the preparation of the teacher and ending with the obligation to observe professional etiquette. The teacher should come to work in a skirt below the knees, underwear should not be visible, the colors of the clothes are calm. Tattoos are closed, piercings are hidden. My colleague has a tattoo on her lower leg, she constantly hides it with trousers or black tights.

    The ideal teacher (according to most colleagues and parents) should not have strange hobbies, like pole dancing.

    Many parents can influence the activities of a teacher through the school administration. For example, if there are a lot of complaints, he can be fired.

    You need to communicate politely with children, choose topics very carefully. They always tell at home what the teacher told them. Words-parasites must be forgotten. Elementary school children very quickly absorb all bad words.

    What can the school administration influence and how can a teacher defend his rights

    Can a school oblige a teacher to comply with the dress code

    As lawyers explained in an interview with Gazeta, the school may approve the requirements for the appearance, style and uniform of employees. This can be spelled out in an employment contract or a local regulation, for example, in the internal regulations. All employees should be familiarized with the latter against signature.

    – said Elena Nikolaeva, a practicing lawyer, member of the expert council of the Youth Parliament on Health under the State Duma.

    Attorney for the Chamber of Advocates of the Rostov Region Anna Salyutina confirmed that informal clothing, piercings, bright hair and manicures for a teacher are allowed only if this is allowed by the local acts of the educational institution.

    “However in the Russian school, it is customary to adhere to such an opinion that moral and ethical standards should not have any deviations.

    Can teachers be fired for content on social networks

    Lawyer Nikolaeva said that the ban on posting certain information applies to information that is protected by law and became known to the employee in the performance of duties.

    “For example, a teacher is not entitled to post information about a chronic illness of his student and whether to post answers to the GIA on the social network,” the lawyer explained, “As for the rest of the content, the school has the right to adopt local regulations on the standards of professional ethics for teachers. Such documents may include recommendations on maintaining social networks and inadmissibility of publications of an immoral nature. The Ministry of Education of Russia and the Trade Union of Public Education and Science Workers of the Russian Federation have developed an approximate regulation on the ethics of teaching staff and recommended educational organizations to implement the document in their work (letter dated August 20, 2019 N IP-941/06/484) ”

    Nikolaeva explained that in this document, pedagogical workers are advised to refrain from posting on the Internet, in places accessible to children, information that is harmful to the health and (or) development of children. The definition of such information is enshrined in Art. 5 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development.”

    A teacher can be fired (p. 8 part 1 article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation) for committing an immoral offense incompatible with the continuation of this work. “The law does not contain criteria for classifying an act as immoral. The employer is responsible for this issue. Any violation of moral principles and generally accepted norms of behavior in society can be considered an immoral offense, ”said lawyer Nikolaeva.

    How to resolve a conflict in the legal field

    To resolve disagreements between participants in educational relations, a dispute settlement commission is created. “Commissions are created by all educational organizations without exception. This is due to the fact that part 11 of article 43, paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 45 and paragraph 12 of part 3 of article 47 of the Law of December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ give students, parents and employees the right to apply to the commission, ”said the lawyer -Expert “Aktion Education” Anna Ivleva. At the same time, the lawyer noted that the execution of the decision made by the commission is mandatory for the disputing parties.


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