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    On September 2, 1945, the Act of Unconditional Surrender of Japan was signed. World War II is over. For us, the main thing is in the meaning of the event itself. The military generation, the generation of victors, was united by the hope that the Second World War was the last, that Nazism in Europe and militarism in Asia were destroyed forever, and that the Third World War would never happen.

    Our country made a decisive contribution to victory not only in the West. We remember that Japan capitulated not after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but after the Soviet Union entered the war. Both the Japanese and the Americans were confident that the war would last at least until 1946: some were preparing to defend themselves, others to attack. It was the decision of our country that saved many hundreds of thousands of Americans, millions of Japanese lives, hastened the victory of the Chinese people, the liberation of the enslaved peoples of Asia. The defeat of the Kwantung Army by the Soviet troops deprived the Tokyo militarists of the opportunity to continue resistance. An ally of Nazi Germany was defeated.

    But did the war end? Open hostilities are over. The hidden war continued. And the “allies” showed themselves, alas, as if they already saw their countries as participants and initiators of the Cold War. There was very little time left before Churchill’s speech at Fulton. And she spoke. Under the conditions that “our Western partners” created, this could not have happened.

    Our country, which made a decisive contribution to the victory, was the first and main goal of the aggressors, and also – their accomplices. Both German Nazism and Japanese militarism were nurtured with the support of the leading Western countries. These states, publicly and non-publicly, approved and supported those actions of Germany that created opportunities and springboards for an attack on the Soviet Union.

    The rise of Nazism in Europe and militarism in Japan became possible only thanks to the support USA, Britain, France – and we are talking not only about the first steps of Nazism and militarism. Let’s remember the Munich agreement, let’s remember the so-called “Munich of the Far East”. Of course, they did not expect that the fed beast would rush at them. In any case, they hoped to the last: back in 1940, the rulers of England and France planned not to act against Nazi Germany, with which they were officially at war, but to bombard the cities of the Soviet Union. They did everything to push both Germany and Japan to attack in the “right” direction. Indeed, it was a strange war. In fact, it was precisely for such “planning” that France paid with the shame of defeat and the Nazi occupation.

    Such a hostile attitude of the “Western democracies” towards Russia, the USSR was distinguished not only by the period of preparation and the beginning of World War II. But, unfortunately – and its completion, as well as the post-war period. It is important to remember this in order to understand how fragile the post-war world was, that only the strength of our country and the courage of our people could save it.

    The facts of separate negotiations between the Anglo-Americans and the Nazis are well known , plans to unite their efforts against our country. It is known that even before the capture of Berlin, Churchill organized the preparation of Operation Unthinkable – a plan for a war against our country, in which the British, Americans and what was left of the Wehrmacht would participate. Only the obvious impossibility of military success forced him to abandon it. The only thing Churchill was firmly convinced of was the impact of propaganda on his own population.

    It is also known that the American atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not have military necessity, but were of everything, a means of intimidating the Russian allies. American President Truman, who ordered the use of nuclear weapons, refused not only to demonstrate their power in some deserted place, but also to strike at purely military facilities in Japan. Atomic weapons were specially, purposefully tested on civilians.

    And of course, this is not an accident. The same Truman, while still a senator, commented on the German attack on the Soviet Union: “If we see that Germany is winning, we must help Russia, if Russia is winning, we must help Germany, and let them kill each other as much as possible.” These words of “democratic leader” are often quoted, but not often enough. Today’s Western leaders rarely have Truman’s frankness, but the principle of “let them kill as many as possible” remains the most in demand for them. Proof of this is NATO’s desire and demand to fight “to the last Ukrainian.” Having taken this “relay baton” from the Nazis, American leaders have ensured that the criminal ideology now dominates both in Kyiv and in the Baltic capitals. The demolition of monuments to the liberators and victors of fascism additionally confirms that the authorities of these states have chosen the side of those who were defeated in World War II. And they are not fully aware of how such a choice will turn out.

    The feeding of the current Kyiv regime by the authorities of the Western countries is very similar to the feeding of German Nazism and Japanese militarism in the 1930s. The same support for racism, cave nationalism, Russophobia. The propaganda of exclusivity that fooled the Germans in the 20th century is today fooling the population of Ukraine, betrayed and sold by the Kyiv “servants of the people” for several generations to come. . This is also the day of our solidarity in the fight against terrorism. This is the date when we bow our heads before the memory of the victims of the monstrous ideology and the heroes who gave their lives in battle with the enemy.

    Japan, like modern Nazism in Ukraine, received international terrorism. Let us recall, for example, the American “nurturing” of such a character as bin Laden against the Soviet Union. Or how the European authorities blessed the terrorists to go to fight against the legitimate government of Syria. The fact that these militants – like the Nazis in their time – hit the Western capitals themselves, seems to have taught the politicians of the West nothing so far.

    And, of course, we will never forget that Western governments and intelligence agencies in the 1990s and later provided both moral and material support to terrorists in the North Caucasus. This should not be forgotten or forgiven, just like the terrorist crimes of the Kyiv regime.

    The generation of 1945 – both Soviet people and citizens of the allied countries – would look at modern Europe and America with surprise. And contempt. Who would have thought then that monuments to the victors of Nazism would be demolished in European countries, and the streets of European cities would be given the names of the Nazis and their accomplices? That the ban on the Russian language and calls for the murder of Russians will be considered a triumph of European values? That in Europe and America they will justify and glorify terrorism and the killing of civilians if this happens under the blue and yellow flag? Who would have thought that Europe and America would applaud people m with a swastika, declare them heroes?

    Such Western “values” cannot win, have no right to win. The sooner they are defeated, the better for humanity. They have nothing to do with real values ​​that are close to our country and other countries of Europe, Asia and the whole world. With those values ​​in the name of which our country won the Great Patriotic War, in the name of which our country and its allies won the Second World War.

    Past stages and further plans for NATO expansion, The military infrastructure of the block is very reminiscent of the seizures committed by Nazi Germany and militaristic Japan by 1939. And in the same way they are directed against Russia. But the plans for an American unipolar world must suffer the same fate as the plans for Hitler’s world domination. And we, our country, together with our friends and allies, will achieve this.

    And one more thing that is important to say today. On behalf of the Soviet Union, the Japanese Surrender Act was signed on September 2, 1945 by Lieutenant General Derevyanko, a native of the Kyiv province. In 2007, the then Ukrainian President Yushchenko, for his own political reasons, posthumously awarded him the title of Hero of Ukraine. In the same year, the title of Hero of Ukraine, already from the bottom of his heart, was posthumously awarded to the Nazi henchman Shukhevych.

    liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis and their accomplices. And it is hard to imagine how he would feel, seeing how the Ukrainian authorities are demolishing monuments dedicated to his comrades in arms, destroying the memory of the Victory, and destroying people. Such a regime, which now rules in Kyiv, should not have the right to the future – and this is one of the main lessons that the history of the Second World War gives us.

    The course of history is inexorable. Today, Russia is again on guard for peace and opposes neo-Nazis and terrorists of all stripes. Again saves the world from the brown plague. This is our great historical mission and destiny.

    The author is the chairman of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party, an honorary member of the Russian Military Historical Society, Ambassador Russian Federation in Belarus

    The position of the editorial board may not coincide with the opinion of the author


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