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    Is it possible to lose weight with injections and massage

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    In the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for body shaping procedures in Russia. According to the Esthetic Clinic network of aesthetic medicine, in the spring months of 2022, the total revenue of hardware procedures aimed at combating excess body volume increased by 65% ​​compared to the same period in 2021, and in 2023 – already by 71% relation to the previous year. Not only women turn to body shaping – the proportion of male patients is estimated at 35-40%.

    Such an increase in demand is associated not only with the fashion for a sports body. The fact is that the number of figure correction techniques has increased significantly – and a patient who dreams of looking fit as soon as possible, today, instead of a plastic surgeon’s table, can choose just hardware and injection procedures.

    “In 2021-2022. In terms of popularity among procedures, Cristal cryolipolysis and Ulfit ultrasonic lipolysis have taken the first places in demand in our network of clinics. Demand for Endosphere hardware technology has also grown. Now a new technique has appeared – ICOON, these are devices that combine the advantages of laser with microalveolar vacuum technology, which allows a non-traumatic, but very effective effect on the skin, ”explains Alexandra Shamukova, Esthetic Clinic Marketing Director.

    Modern methods

    All these names, however, do not say anything to an ordinary person. What is the essence of the devices – and how do they work? According to the impact, modern methods of combating excess weight are divided into three conditional groups.

    The first is devices that work with lymph, that is, they reduce swelling and allow you to remove excess fluid from the tissues. These include, in particular, the Endosphere – due to the microvibration effect on the subcutaneous fat, it eliminates local fat deposits, stagnant cellulite, stretch marks, puffiness. LPG massage improves blood microcirculation and lymph flow, stimulating metabolic processes in subcutaneous fat cells.

    The second group of techniques includes hardware lipolysis, aimed at the destruction of subcutaneous fat – including in individual places. In this group, cryolipolysis is popular, in which the subcutaneous fat layer is destroyed by cooling. “During the procedure, apoptosis is accelerated – the mechanism of programmed self-destruction of the fat cell,” explains the Esthetic Clinic. Instead of cryolipolysis, ultrasonic liposuction is also used: fat cells are exposed to high-intensity focused ultrasound, as a result of which the cell membrane of the fat cell is destroyed, and it is subsequently excreted from the body naturally.

    Another modern method of combating excess weight is injection lipolysis, but in Russia it is considered risky.

    The method involves the introduction of lipolytics into the body – these drugs activate the process of breakdown of fat cells to fatty acids. Lipolitics can be direct (directly stimulate the destruction of adipose tissue) or indirect (block and “blow off” the fat cell).

    The former are dangerous because when they are used, toxins are formed that affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys. The latter are less harmful, but it should be borne in mind that only one such drug is registered in Russia. There are no direct lipolytics on our market at all, therefore, you need to agree to injection lipolysis only with absolute certainty that a certified product will be used for the procedure.


    In addition to hardware and injection techniques, massage is considered to be a good help in the fight against excess weight – corrective or lymphatic drainage (which is both distinguished as an independent form, and is considered a subspecies of corrective) .

    “Lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at accelerating the flow of lymph from the distal parts of our body. Corrective massage is aimed at reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat,” explains Dmitry Litvinenko, a specialist in therapeutic and sports massage with 20 years of experience.

    According to him, corrective massage is distinguished by such techniques as deep rubbing and kneading, as well as intermittent vibration, that is, patting. “This is for toning the skin at the end of the massage,” the specialist explains the meaning of the last reception. “Sometimes it hurts, it’s unpleasant, but purposeful people know what they are getting into.”

    The decrease in the subcutaneous fat layer in this case occurs due to the fact that during the massage a person strains and spends calories, Litvinenko clarifies: “This improves blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat, the body spends calories, because at the time of the massage the body experiences static stress. The body begins to take nutrients from the subcutaneous fat – and over time, the volumes decrease over and over again.

    As for lymphatic drainage massage, it improves microcirculation between cells due to the removal of fluid – as a result, swelling decreases and the skin becomes smoother. However, do not forget that such a procedure is effective within the course – from 5 to 15 sessions.

    “Of course, miracles do not happen – and 25 centimeters will not go away in one procedure. But lymphatic drainage massage is one of the main types of corrective massage, it is really very popular. Both among those who are just starting to get acquainted with this technique, and those who have been practicing it for a long time, – says Yulia Lipovetskaya, co-founder of the XSIZE network of massage studios. – I advise you to start all courses with lymphatic drainage. This is necessary in order to drain the skin, and then proceed to the point study of each zone.

    The technique is not new – this type of massage is included in the postoperative rehabilitation program.

    “Lymphatic drainage massage has long been effectively used to improve blood circulation, accelerate lymph flow, and relieve swelling. It is prescribed after surgery, for weight loss and body shaping,” says Olga Shuppo, scientific director of the Grand Clinic network of immunorehabilitation and preventive medicine clinics.

    In preventive medicine, lymphatic drainage becomes a detoxification mechanism – by the way, it can be carried out not only in the form of a “manual” massage, but also using devices. “Efficiency is largely determined by the method and quality of the implementation. The most advanced technique is cryotherapy, the technique allows you to pump the lymphatic channel. Microcirculation occurs at the level of microcapillaries – the walls of blood vessels are strengthening, the body – literally like a pump – is pumped up to the microcirculatory bed, ”explains Shuppo.

    The effect of lymphatic drainage is also provided by an underwater shower and pressotherapy, however, the latter method is automated and does not take into account the peculiarities of the lymphatic system.

    When it comes to lymphatic drainage, experts agree: only a highly qualified specialist can use it. “Otherwise, the procedure can be harmful. The specialist must know the principles of blood circulation, lymph flow,” warns Shuppo.

    Nutrition and Sports

    Despite the effectiveness of body shaping techniques, you should not expect that hardware procedures or an experienced masseur magically relieve you of extra pounds.

    “Massage is an addition to diet and exercise. If a person wants to speed up the result at times, he connects it. But if he thinks that the only way to achieve results is through massage, without changing his lifestyle, this will not happen,” Litvinenko notes.

    This is also confirmed by specialists involved in hardware methods. “All special procedures work only in combination with proper nutrition, cosmetic care and physical activity,” they say at the Esthetic Clinic.

    Special training

    Another point on which figure correction experts agree is the need for a medical examination both before a massage course and the use of hardware weight loss techniques.

    “Before prescribing a procedure, a consultation with an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist is needed to rule out possible diseases and negative consequences for the body from diets and hardware procedures,” explains Tatiana Bedayeva, head physician of the Esthetic Clinic network.

    The doctor cannot but prescribe tests – for thyroid hormones, complete blood count, HOMA index, serum iron, liver tests. In addition, women should consult with a gynecologist, and men with a urologist.

    At the same time, specialist in therapeutic massage Litvinenko advises to examine the state of the musculoskeletal system before the course of procedures:

    “Everyone has problems with the spine. And the spine, that is, the spinal cord, is the innervation of all internal organs. Accordingly, when the connection between the brain and the spinal cord, with the limbs, internal organs is established, that is, when the metabolism is established, a corrective massage is done.


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