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    — First of all, I would like to talk about the Superstar project, which is now on NTV. Did you immediately agree to take part in this show? Or did you have to be persuaded a little?

    — Immediately! Why should I doubt? I knew this program, I liked it.

    – The show “Superstar” is discussed not only because of the bright numbers, but also because of the collision of the artists with the members of the jury. Last week, the media wrote about Lera Kudryavtseva and Katya Lel, and about you and Stas Piekha. Can you comment on these conflicts?

    — In the case of Katya Lel, I will say that the jury should be more correct and well-mannered, because an accomplished artist does not want to be scolded like a child. The opinion of some members of the jury is their personal opinion, it is biased, a correct wording is needed. That’s the whole problem, that’s why the artists react like that. If I were on the jury, I would be afraid to offend a person, especially after the work done. You may like the number and sometimes you may not. Well, in the second case, just say: “I don’t like it.” All. Dot. But this does not mean that it is necessary to add that the performer sang badly.

    – Was Stas Piekha correct with you?

    – No, I was not. The same thing constantly mumbling. I am dissatisfied with this. I did not expect such a strange reaction from Stas, to be honest. I thought he was such a well-mannered guy, but in a conversation with me, he went too far. I did not like. Me and Lera (Lera Kudryavtseva – Gazeta) said something, and I didn’t like it, but okay, I forgive her because I know her. Masha (Masha Rasputina – “Gazeta“) and Sergei Sosedov did not say anything bad.

    – You are close to Do you take criticism on the show to your heart?

    — Relatively. Sometimes I don’t care what they say because I have an opinion. And sometimes … I can react because of the bad manners of the speaker. Basically, I don’t care. I know my strengths and weaknesses, so I recommend others to know them too. When you understand this, you will not pour dirt on others, offend. It is necessary to treat people, especially artists, with great understanding.

    – From year to year, many Superstar participants say that the strictest member of the jury is Sergey Sosedov. What do you think?

    — No. I speak for myself, since I did not hear how others were evaluated. Sergey Sosedov treated me with respect and love, Masha Rasputina too, Lera Kudryavtseva had a moment, I won’t focus on it … Only I didn’t like Stas. He was completely biased, just talking nonsense, like a parrot heard somewhere and repeated the same thing.

    – In Andrey Gubin appeared on the air of one of the Superstar programs. It is known that the artist has not performed with concerts for a long time due to illness. Did you manage to chat with the artist behind the scenes of the program?

    — No, I didn’t communicate with him.

    — Are you worried about Andrey’s health?

    — Of course, I’m worried. Sorry guy. In general, it is sad, because so many people have lost from alcohol. Terrible! Okay, when nature slips some kind of illness on you, but then … Not everyone copes.

    – But you never communicated closely with Gubin?

    — No, there was no such thing.

    — In general, you sometimes have nostalgia for the show business of the 90s and the what happened at that time?

    — No, never. Everything suits me in the present.

    — And if we talk about musical creativity: there is no desire to make a loud return to the stage with new music, moving away from the repertoire of the 90s?

    — I have no such desire, but I have a desire to record a good song. I think this will happen soon, literally today they offered to work on a New Year’s composition. I hope I can do it this year!

    — Is there any idea to sing with some blogger or tiktoker, as many do now?

    – No, I’m not interested. I just don’t understand why? Someone does it to raise popularity, but I don’t need to. I’m well known enough, trust me. Yes, and I don’t have any favorite among modern bloggers. I don’t follow TikTok at all and I don’t go there.

    — And how do you feel about your stage colleagues who record hits with bloggers? The same Philip Kirkorov.

    – I have a great attitude. This is his wish. Let him do what he wants, why should I resent? It’s their business, their right. They try. I don’t follow, I don’t watch, I very rarely watch any new music programs, sometimes, if I come across by chance, I watch it, but on purpose … I have already gone through all this. This is at the beginning of a career there is interest, but now there is no such thing.

    – What kind of music are you listening to now?

    – I’ll tell you honestly, I always do it very rarely and not enough. Basically, Aliska (Alisa Saltykova, daughter of Irina Saltykova – Gazeta) gives me something new from Western music. We all the same, what to hide, we lag behind. In Russia, we have our own specific musical format, simpler, cannot be compared with the Western.

    – In this case, what Is our music enough?

    — A lot of things are missing. But I don’t want to offend anyone (smiles).

    — Nevertheless, you have new releases coming out. In 2021, you recorded a song with Mikhail Grebenshchikov. Why, by the way, with him?

    – Oh, Mishka called, said: “Let’s write it down!”. I was embarrassed to refuse. I respect him, I love him. Well, for fun. Why not? For me, this is not difficult. It’s just an experiment – not to make a hit. I have no such task now.

    — You have already mentioned your daughter Alice. As far as I know, in 2019 In the year she returned from London to Russia and began to build a musical career here. How is Alice doing now?

    – She is already living in London again. We tried it here, and she didn’t like it, she said that she didn’t want to sing our format, she is a musician, it’s not close to her, and she left back. You know, Alice has been living abroad for almost 20 years, of course, she is more comfortable there.

    – Alice goes to record companies or tries to promote her music using social networks? I saw that she, for example, has a YouTube channel.

    – She will also go to labels, it’s just that there is not much time now, she is busy with other things. When she lived in Moscow, she lost something, so when she restores everything, the tasks for music are grandiose.

    – It turns out that Alice is engaged in music and at the same time she has some kind of main job?

    — Of course, she provides for herself, works in the same company.

    – Another topic that many are interested in: your beauty secrets. You have repeatedly admitted in an interview that you do not accept “beauty injections”. You stand for proper home care. Can you tell us what your daily beauty routine consists of?

    — I have been using mainly cosmetics of one luxury brand for at least 20 years. But in parallel, I always try new brands, and, you know, I find something effective: masks, serums. I really love cosmetics. As you stop using, of course, the quality of the skin becomes worse. But if you use the cream every day, then everything is fine. I love creams and masks. It happens that even a cheap mask turns out to be very cool. As for the body, I love massages! They are of great importance, I have already convinced myself of this. Before I go on vacation, I do about ten massages: I don’t recognize the body at all!

    — Do you do sports?

    — Yes, I do. I do exercises with a trainer: three times a week at home. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t like it.

    — You like to relax by the sea, and every time you show your tanned figure on social networks. And how do you feel about the fact that the trend for a tanned body is now leaving? Many cosmetologists say that sunbathing is harmful.

    — Yes, I don’t care what they say. I love sunbathing and do it all the time! I use creams on the beach and everything is great. Don’t show up on the beach when you could get burned. At this time I do not sunbathe. The sun leaves my skin fresh, nourished, not dry. If you sunbathe correctly, you become beautiful like a doll! Right now I’m sitting talking to you, and my legs are already shining! So I have my own opinion on this matter, I focus only on my feelings. Everything should be in moderation. Of course, some sunbathe to the state of coal. It shouldn’t be like that. You need to look at your skin condition. Here I have from sunburn it becomes better. Both the face and the body are getting better. But infrequently I do it: once every three months. I’m on fire for a week. Well, is that a lot? But vitamin D is in order.

    – You often post pictures of your mother on social networks, who also looks great. How was it originally: did she share some beauty secrets with you, or, conversely, do you give her advice on how to take care of yourself?

    — She doesn’t need advice she’s all right. My mom taught me the taste. You know, all women are born beautiful, but then it depends on their lifestyle and care. We were lucky with genetics, plus I added my taste, so it turns out that I look good (laughs). My mother has natural beauty, she never did anything.

    — After the well-known events this year, Russia blocked some social networks. Many stars have gone to Telegram or stopped posting anything at all. What role do social networks play in your life today?

    — I like social networks because all my news is there firsthand. Now I am not even interested in the press or television, because I will post everything I need on Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned), Telegram. My fans will see everything. I probably began to use social networks less, but I don’t post everything in a row: something must remain behind the scenes. I publish what concerns music, some events from life. I know that, for example, subscribers are interested in my figure, I post pictures where it is visible. Some such things.

    — Do you have a lot of haters?

    — I immediately delete comments from such people. I don’t worry about it. Yes, they were, are and will be. So right away, for those who don’t like me, I’ll say, there’s nothing to go to my page: in the block right away. I don’t check the mental state of such people: I don’t know if they are friends with the head or not?

    – The New Year is approaching and it’s time for the Blue Lights. This year, at first they wanted to ban entertainment programs for the New Year due to the difficult situation in the world, but recently it became known that New Year’s programs will be shown on TV. How do you feel about such a phenomenon as the television “Blue Light”? I haven’t seen you on New Year’s TV for a long time.

    — I am fine with the “blue lights”. Entertaining content is always needed no matter what time it is. Well, there are interesting lights, but there are not very: when the same artists are on the screen.

    – Why don’t you invite?

    — In their opinion, I’m probably less popular than other artists.

    – How will you celebrate the New Year?

    – I don’t know, I’m already in a festive mood (smiles). I’m waiting for work, I want to perform on New Year’s Eve. There are no offers yet, and I’m worried. But there is still time.


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