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    Toxic relationship: the US is preparing a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria

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    The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation reported that the United States was preparing provocations with chemical weapons to discredit the leadership of Syria. This is taking place against the backdrop of the establishment of relations between Damascus and the Arab countries. In addition, it is said that ISIS militants (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) are directly commanded by the American top military leadership. Izvestia investigated what is happening now in Syria.

    Waiting for a provocation

    “[US President Joseph] Biden’s team is doing everything to disrupt Arab-Syrian normalization and discredit the leadership of Syria. For these purposes, provocations are being prepared, including with the use of chemical toxic agents, ”Sergey Naryshkin, director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia, made such a statement.

    According to him, the methodology for their use was practiced in May this year in the Syrian province of Idlib by militants of the CIA-controlled local wing of Al-Qaeda (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) – the Khurras al-Din group, and also by extremists from the “Islamic Party of Turkestan” (banned in the Russian Federation).

    Footage of a staged chemical attack in the city of Khan Sheikhoun, 2017 Photo: Global Look Press

    “About 100 civilians were poisoned,” the official said. He also added that in southern Syria, the Americans handed over “rockets with warheads filled with poisonous substances” to ISIS militants. Controlled rapprochement: US wants to reconcile Israel with Saudi Arabia Establishing relations may threaten Russia‘s interests in the region

    Tanf. According to him, this place “became a real gangster’s nest.”

    Footage of a staged chemical attack in the city of Khan Sheikhoun, 2017Photo: Global Look Press

    In particular, according to Naryshkin, a US-British “Joint Intelligence Committee” was recently created there, which actually works as the headquarters for controlling the actions of ISIS militants in the Damascus region and southern Syria.

    According to the SVR, James Melloy, Deputy Chief of the US Central Command, is in charge of this. In addition, the British and Americans plan to launch a powerful media campaign to show the countries of the Arab world that “their choice in favor of resuming dialogue with President Bashar al-Assad was a strategic mistake.” At the same time, those who disagree with this approach may be threatened with sanctions.

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (center) at the Arab League summit in Jeddah Photo: The Egyptian Presidency/Handout via REUTERS

    In May of this year, the 32nd summit of the Arab League (LAS) was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This meeting was the first in 12 years, which was attended by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Since then, the development of relations between Damascus and other countries of the Arab League has only been gaining momentum, the issues of combating terrorism and restoring the economy of the SAR have been discussed.

    According to Naryshkin, such a prospect does not suit Washington. “Obviously, in reality, the West itself is making a criminal mistake. What he will definitely succeed in is establishing a reputation as a provocateur of instability in the Middle East. However, in the region, almost no one doubts this, ”said the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. They showed the KULAG: what to expect from the return of Syria to the Arab family And what Zelensky spoke at the league summit

    Divide and rule

    Ankara with the participation of Russia and Iran. If reconciliation occurs, given that all four sides have the same views by default, then it can develop into something more, says orientalist, publicist Andrey Ontikov.

    According to him, in a favorable scenario, different options are possible for how states will resist separatist movements.

    —Washington is somewhat tense at the prospect of forming such a united anti-American front, because it is the United States that supports the separatist movements. So the Americans will watch the reconciliation process, but it is obvious that they have prepared a way to prevent this, the expert believes.

    One of the posts of the Turkish army on the Turkish-Syrian borderPhoto: Global Look Press/Mustafa Kaya

    He added that, in particular, the Americans can resort to the old way.

    — The United States has historically relied on the most radical forces in certain regions. Specifically, in the Middle East, these are pseudo-Islamic or Islamist groups and organizations. During the acute phase of the conflict, representatives of the Russian authorities stated that the Americans evacuated ISIS commanders from the encircled areas, the political scientist noted.Forty years later: Iran and Egypt decided to make peace After the normalization of relations between Tehran and Riyadh, big changes are taking place in the Middle East Iraq, and when he came out of there, a very rapid formation and strengthening of the group, which was later called ISIS, began.

    One of the bases of American troops in northern Syria Photo: Getty Images/John Moore

    This correlates with the fate of another al-Qaeda leader who emerged in Libya in 2011. It’s about Abdel Hakim Belhadj. He, too, was imprisoned in an American prison in Southeast Asia, and then, as in the case of Baghdadi, he began to rise sharply and strengthen his positions. These dormant and not very dormant cells remained under the control of the Americans in Syria, the specialist noted. In the following Syrias: how did the quadripartite meeting in Moscow end? And there can be only one need – to undermine the process of normalizing relations between Syria and Turkey. Andrey Ontikov believes that it is still quite difficult to predict how far he will go. But it will develop, so provocations are possible.

    One of the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim BelhajPhoto: Getty Images / Etienne De Malglaive

    The political scientist noted that provocations with the use of chemical weapons have occurred more than once.

    — The anticipatory effect is important here. The appearance of information in the media can cool some hotheads. At the same time, it must be remembered that the Americans are not sitting idly by, they are carefully watching in Syria and around it,” the orientalist comments.

    He notes that any reconciliation of states in the Middle East, any unification runs counter to American policy. Its basic principle – divide and conquer – has proven to be effective.Bosom enemies: Syria and Saudi Arabia are actively approaching Damascus and Riyadh agreed to resume the work of embassies and restore air traffic

    Creation of centers of instability

    According to the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties, the following dynamics have been observed in recent days: on July 2, attacks on Syrian territory were recorded.

    —First of all, in the city of Hama, clashes were recorded on the Golan Heights, on July 3, violations by the US-led coalition followed – military air transport vessels violated the memorandum of flight safety to Syria 14 times in a day. There are certain zones of demarcation, so no one should fly anywhere, so as not to provoke groups of civil confrontation in Syria, the political scientist explained. Photo: Global Look Press/Handout

    It is difficult to say in what form ISIS currently exists, adds Ostanin-Golovnya. The group switched to the cluster structure of its organization, and many militants simply disappeared among the so-called armed opposition, which in the Russian Federation and in countries that support official Damascus have long been recognized as terrorist organizations. In the West, they continue to be portrayed as freedom fighters, the specialist noted.

    Many ISIS fighters have gone into opposition, so there is a serious risk that the weapons will simply be dispersed among the armed factions and it will be almost impossible to trace them.The Arab League is in their hands: will Syria return to the main organization of the Arab world And why does this promise additional problems for maintaining American influence in the Middle East

    The interlocutor added that on July 3, Sergey Lavrov spoke with his Syrian counterpart negotiations was a plan for the Syrian-Turkish settlement, which should become the most important brick in the foundation of future normalization in Syria.

    — The models of political dialogue that took place in Geneva, in fact, lost to the Astana format, where the discussion began not with political reform, but with the creation of general security conditions. Syria’s bilateral contacts with Russia, Turkey, leading Arab states and Iran are actively continuing to normalize relations between Ankara and Damascus, Ostanin-Golovnya noted. Photo: Global Look Press/Mouneb Taim

    wars. This was done in order to maintain their presence as peacekeepers even after the end of the mandate of the League of Nations.

    — A sharp reduction in conflict situations for the West always means a reduction in the possibilities of influence. By such methods, involving chemical weapons and creating various dangerous provocations, the British and Americans will try to prevent the conflict from being resolved. Syria can become a hub of financial intersections for its post-war reconstruction,” the political scientist said.

    He added that since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, Russia and Iran have contributed to the legitimization of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the security of the republic, but in the current conditions they cannot become donors to the post-war clash.

    —Wealthy Arab countries of the Persian Gulf act as donors. But the last thing that prevents this is the issue of Syrian-Turkish relations. The development of a compromise between Riyadh, Tehran and Ankara on Syria will help stabilize the situation in the republic and its further settlement, the expert concluded.Sworn friend: Saudi Arabia has decided to change its approach to Iran .

    Russia has repeatedly warned the international community since 2015 that Britain and the United States are preparing various kinds of provocations on Syrian territory in order to discredit official Damascus, support their expansionist offensive ideas, attempts to destabilize and redistribute spheres of influence, the expert believes .

    According to him, there is nothing surprising in the information that ISIS militants are commanded by American generals. This is a completely natural logical process. The interlocutor notes that no one will ever officially admit this, but it is known that the Syrian armed opposition was supported, among other things, by American military advisers. Not all of them were ISIS fighters, but in terms of paramilitary units, it is very motley. Photo: TASS/Valeriy Sharifulin

    —The Americans and the British, in addition to actively instructing them how to fight, also taught how to promote their ideas in the information space. Truthfulness and reliability of information now has no value, speed, quantity and its interestingness are important, – he added.

    According to Krylov, chemical provocations and reports that allegedly there were facts of the use of chemical weapons among the civilian population are a bright informational occasion, a good topic for stuffing in the information environment. Active in the search: how are the rescue operations in Turkey and Syria A series of aftershocks may end only in two weeks restrictive actions. For example, to introduce a new package of sanctions against Syria or countries cooperating with the SAR. No one in the West cares whether there was a chemical attack or it was staged, because there is a necessary picture that can be shown to the Arab countries, with which Damascus is now actively establishing cooperation, the expert noted. Photo: Global Look Press/Hussein Ali

    He noted that recently the Syrians were discussing cooperation with Russia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates. The entry of Syria back into the Arab world is very important for Damascus. In this process, Damascus may gradually turn around and begin to take actions that may no longer serve Moscow’s interests. This process needs to be controlled and monitored, since Western countries can take advantage of normalization, the specialist added.

    The political scientist emphasized that provocations can be simultaneously carried out in different regions of the world by approximately the same forces. However, the chances of their success are unlikely to be high, because the plan has already been revealed. There is strength: will the United States and Iran come to a military clash Washington is ready to interfere with Tehran’s nuclear program “at any cost” Now it is much more profitable for the countries of the Middle East to cooperate and establish engage in dialogue with Damascus, as it is in their own national interest,” the expert explained.

    According to him, the region is a platform for economic investment, besides, Syria is of great geopolitical and geostrategic importance.Share:


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