About Us

AliaVera is dedicated to translating international foreign press from countries such as China and Russia into the English language.

In a world where change is inevitable, it is important to remain informed and aware of the information that is being delivered to the populous of other nations.

Alia Vera is latin for ‘different truths’ and our mission is to provide the alternative perspective for you to consider, ponder and understand.

AliaVera’s editorial team is led by journalists with vast experience in political and international journalism and includes expert translators to ensure our content is accurately transcribed from its source.

Our team of experienced translators and editors are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information from around the world, in a language you can understand. We understand the importance of staying informed about global events and issues, and we strive to make that information accessible to as many people as possible.

AliaVera’s headquarters are based in Sydney, Australia and the team is supported by its global network of employees based throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

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